Trackday – maximum driving fun, safety, driving time and exclusivity.

Drive in motion offers besides sports car driver trainings also special Track Days where you can participate with your own sports car over 200 hp or a Porsche sports car mix provided by us or in the new and exclusive Porsche GT3.

Our trackdays are aimed at all drivers and performance levels who want to improve their driving skills on the racetracks of this world at our trackdays. Owners of racing and clubsport cars or teams who want to do some quick training laps are welcome!

What is a trackday and how does it differ from our sports car driver training?

At our trackdays there is always a limited number of participants or vehicles.
This guarantees you maximum driving fun, safety, driving time and exclusivity. Our licensed DSMB instructors will coach you step by step on how to get to your personal limit, how to cut the perfect turn and how to step on the gas at the right apex of the turn. Step by step your driving skills will improve. We guarantee real racing…

This includes the introduction to vehicle physics, the kamm circle. This refers to the graphical representation for dividing the possible total force at the wheel into the lateral steering force in the transverse direction and the braking force or driving force in the longitudinal direction of the wheel until the maximum friction force is reached, vehicle kinetics and tire science, oversteer and understeer. You will experience the difference of rear-wheel drive cars, mid-engine sports cars such as Porsche GT3 and GT4 and front-mid engine concepts such as in the Mercedes-AMG SLS and GT.

Find out which drive concept you like best and which feels and drives better for you at one of our trackdays.

At Trackday, we basically distinguish between three experience classes on the race track:


You are NEW and not regularly on trackdays. Driving guided by the coach slowly bring you to the ideal line. You decide from when you want to start free driving.


As an advanced driver, you have already attended a few trackdays, know the race track and want to use your experience to get started right away with the free driving of a trackday. The first warm-up is to get you ready for the track conditions. Of course, you can always fall back on the coaching and tips and support of our racetrack professionals. Our camera and measurement technology helps you to analyze and improve errors.


Fire away for RACE VEHICLES. You know the European and worldwide race tracks? Then we invite you to take off with your racing car. A race car slot, laptiming and pit space are included in our trackdays.


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Our trackdays take place on the following race tracks and locations:

Feel free to contact us about your personal wishes!