Trackday Hockenheimring

Drive in motion also offers driver training at the tradition-steeped Hockenheimring race track and the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring.

The GP course is 4.574 km long and has 17 curves to master as a driver at our trackdays, making it an unforgettable event and experience!

You have the opportunity to drive yourself with your own vehicle or sports car over 200 hp or a Porsche sports car mix provided by us such as Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911 type 992, Porsche GT4 or in the new and exclusive Porsche 992 GT3 year of construction 2021.

You are welcome to demonstrate your driving skills at one of our trackdays at the Hockenheimring. Speed and driving fun are always guaranteed at our trackdays!

If you want to double your training time, just choose our Porsche Single option or Porsche GT3 Exclusive rental in our online store


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How long does a lap take at the Hockenheimring?

If you can control your car, 1 lap of the Hockenheimring is completed in 1:03.8 minutes. However, our driver trainings and trackdays are not about achieving top speeds, but about the correct handling of "man and "machine".

How long does a driver training or trackday at the Hockenheimring last?

We offer our driver training courses by the hour at the Porsche Experience Center and half and full days at the Hockenheimring.

Is it possible to rent the Hockenheimring?

Yes, you can rent the Hockenheimring. However, the costs are very high, so that usually several organizers share the costs for a driver training or trackday. In addition to the pure track rental, costs for security personnel, rescue services, fire department, etc. are then added.

What does a driver training or trackday at the Hockenheimring cost?

Dim offers various driving experiences on racing and test tracks for just a few hundred euros. These then usually take about 2 hours incl. Familiarization with the program and route, as well as familiarization with the vehicle.

A driver training or trackday usually lasts half a day or a whole day. Driver trainings and trackdays lasting several days are also possible!
In your own vehicle, prices start at around €1,000.00. In the provided vehicle from about 1.800,00 €.

However, the prices are always dependent on the date, race track and duration of the training including training content. We will be happy to advise you on this!

Who is allowed to take part in a driver training course at the Hockenheimring and what do I have to bear in mind?
  • All drivers who are in possession of a valid driver's license (driving license). Some routes also have a minimum age requirement. Some racetracks allow racing licenses without a driver's license, others do not!
  • Noise protection values must be complied with. As a rule, these are complied with for series-production vehicles. For racing vehicles, certain noise emissions must not be exceeded! These are measured at every racetrack in the world!
  • On the race track, wearing a helmet is usually recommended or even mandatory! A helmet will be provided at our rider training sessions if required.
  • You should feel fit and healthy on the day of your driver training or trackday, as very strenuous and sweaty.
  • The instructors must be followed. You realize what potential you have and slowly build up the training according to your performance and ability so that you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of your driving experience!

If you want to drive at the Hockenheimring, you have several options with us:

Self-drive with own or provided sports car at the Hockenheimring

We regularly offer so-called "Track Days", where you can drive your own sports car or one provided by us on the track. If you do not have your own sports car, you can use our Porsche fleet to drive on the track. Please see our schedule for dates, details and costs.

Registration is always required!
Call us, we will be happy to advise you on our individual trainings!

Co-pilot experiences

If you don't want to drive yourself, but still want to enjoy the track experience, you can ride as a passenger in a sports car or race car with a professional driver. We offer co-pilot experiences both at the Hockenheimring and at the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring.

Tourist trips

Drive in motion offers you the possibility to participate in tourist drives. Here you can drive your own car on the race track, with a certain speed limit.
Registration is required for this as well!

Drive race car yourself

If you want to drive the race track with a professional race car, you can also book a race car rental. In the process, you will usually be trained beforehand to drive the race car safely. However, this driving program is only recommended for participants who have already completed several driver training courses or have a racing license!

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