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Instruktoren vor dem Autodromo in Modena

„La Dolce Vita“ at Modena, Maranello, Florenz and the Chianti wine region

We were able to organize a several day trip for a VIP customer, starting in Switzerland, leading to Modena and Florence.

The way was leading over several mointain passes from Switzerland via lake Iseo to the Autodromo di Modena. In the evening the guests were driven to dinner at the Enzo Ferrari Museum which had beed chartered exclusively for this event.

On the second day the guests were taking part in a Ferrari and Lamborghini trackday. After several fast rounds the group headed on for lunchtime at the legenday Michael Schumacher restaurant „Montana“. Besides the deliclious dishes ad a living museum we met Rosella – the “soul” of the house. In the afternoon we travelled on to Florence.

The guests spent the night an exclusively chartered 5 star hotel.

For the 3rd day we organized a sports car tour over the famous Chianti vineyard road with a stopover at one of the best Chianti vineyards. This vineyard has already supplied the White House during 5 presidencies.

Starting in August 2019 we will be offering both Italy tour projects as new packages.

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