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Porsche / Mercedes-AMG Moselle Experience

One or several day Porsche / Mercedes-AMG self driving tours starting at Frankfurt, along the Moselle
optional driver training at the Nürburgring Nordschleife

from 999.00 €

incl. VAT.
  • drive in motion Porsche unter Baum
  • drive in motion Moselschleife
  • drive in motion Porsche Landstraße
  • drive in motion Mosel
  • drive in motion Hotel Moselschlösschen
  • drive in motion Mosel Tour
  • drive in motion Porsche unter Baum
  • drive in motion Moselschleife
  • drive in motion Porsche Landstraße
  • drive in motion Mosel
  • drive in motion Hotel Moselschlösschen
  • drive in motion Mosel Tour

Bordered by Europe‘s steepest vineyards, small wine grower villages and romantic towns, the Moselle Tour leads through a unique meandering landscape which was carved by the Moselle into the schist rocks.
Even today castles and left over ancient Roman installations prove of an ancient cultivated landscape, which the Moselle winds through. Of course: don’t miss Trier, Germany‘s oldest city!

Dreamlike roads guide you to fascinating milestones and selected locations like the “Moselschlößchen” at Traben-Trarbach.

Let‘s get on board and take-off!

Our road trips are bookable as one or several day events starting at Frankfurt on individual dates!


Several Porsche and Mercedes-AMG models are available.

Optionally you can book a driver training or a cab drive on the Nordschleife.

Of course we are offering individually planned driving tours, too!

  • catering
  • coffee break(s)
  • designed roadbook
  • drink at finish
  • drinks and snacks on board
  • drinks on board
  • driver training option
  • entrance, guided tours, etc.
  • exklusive accompanying program
  • lunch
  • Mercedes-AMG
  • night/breakfast in double rooms and dinner at a 4****hotel (several day trips)
  • one or several days
  • planning and tour guide
  • Porsche


1. Tag

  • 09:00 Uhr Begrüßung und Safteybriefing in der Startlocation in Frankfurt a. M.
  • 10:00 Uhr Start your engines… Fahrt entlang der Mosel
  • 13:00 Uhr Mittagessen im Hotel Moselschlösschen oder Hotel Bellevue in Traben-Trarbach


1-tägige Veranstaltung:

  • 14:30 Uhr Rückfahrt nach Frankfurt
  • 16:30 Uhr Verabschiedung / Ende der Veranstaltung


2-tägige Veranstaltung:

  • 14:30 Uhr Weiterfahrt über die Deutsche Vulkanstraße nach Bad Bertrich
  • 15:30 Uhr Kaffeepause in Bad Bertrich
  • 16:00 Uhr Weiterfahrt an den Nürburgring über die Deutsche Vulkanstraße
  • 17:30 Uhr Check-in im Lindner Motorsporthotel Nürburgring
  • 20:00 Uhr Abendessen in der legendären „Pistenklause“ an der Nordschleife
  • 22:30 Uhr Ausklang an der Hotelbar oder Zigarrenlounge


2. Tag

  • Bis 08:30 UhrGemeinsames Frühstück
  • 09:00 UhrSafety briefing und Race track experience Nordschleife
    1 Runde z.B. im BMW M235i mit Instruktor anschließend 1 Runde selber fahren
    1 Runde im BMW M3 Renntaxi (3 Personen je Runde) oder Nissan GT-R / Mercedes-AMG GTS (1 Person je Runde)
  • 13:00 Uhr Mittagessen im Lindner Motorsporthotel Nürburgring
  • 14:00 Uhr Rückfahrt nach Frankfurt
  • 16:00 Uhr Kaffeepause und Verabschiedung

Services included:

  • Several Porsche and Mercedes-AMG models
  • incl. 400 km free of charge (2 day trip 600 km)
  • Transfer & fuel for 400 km (2 day trip 600 km)
  • Race track experience Nordschleife/Nürburgring acc. o description
  • 1 x night/breakfast 4 to 5 star hotel at the chosen area
  • 1x dinner three-course menu (2 day trip)
  • Drinks and Snacks ”on board”
  • Designed road book
  • 1 resp. 2 x lunch during the tour
  • Non-alcoholic drinks during road trip (except drinks to menu)
  • 1 resp. 2 x coffee break with pastry
  • Accompanying program (entry, guided tours, etc.)
  • Drink at finish
  • Planning, road book and tour guide


  • 1 day Porsche/AMG Tour

    from 999.- Euro/person

  • 2 day Porsche/AMG Tour

    from 1,699.- Euro/person

  • Optional driver training

    1 lap in chosen rental car incl. instructor
    1 lap driving on your own

    from 449.- Euro/person

Our tour dates for individuals and groups:

On request

Category:Regional Tours
Vehicle type:Super sports car

Program and offer are subject to change. General terms and conditions of drive in motion are valid.
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