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Product and Vehicle Trainings

Professional training concepts
  • Produktschulung und Fahrzeugtraining
  • Produktschulungen und Fahrzeugtrainings
  • Produktschulung und Fahrzeugtraining
  • Produktschulungen und Fahrzeugtrainings
drive in motion ist your partner, when instruction to a product and getting vehicle know how is needed!
Wheter a specified qualifying of your sales staff or a sophisticated “Train the Trainer” program is required – we will provide a training concept expecially for your product and needs and define specific goals.
Professional and specially qualified trainers take care for reaching these goals. Attractive surrounding conditions will guarantee fun won’t miss out.
Finally: While you enjoy the end of the training day, we will take care for your vehicles!


Daimler AG

  • Global Marketing Forum
  • Comparison and test drives
  • Providing of comparison vehicles


  • factory tours
  • customer care
  • international product trainings
  • press tours
  • accompanied test drives
  • car pool management
  • hospitality management
  • placement of core messages
  • product trainings
  • promotions incl. stand attendance
  • promotors
  • technical equipment for comparison drives
  • trainers
  • vehicle tours on behalf of sales trainings
Category: Trainings/Courses
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Program and offer are subject to change. General terms and conditions of drive in motion are valid.
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