Automotive Events in Luxury Sports Cars

Trackdays on European race tracks

Expericene European race tracks in your own sports car!

from 1.095,00incl. VAT

Experience real racing freedom with your own street or racing sports car and bring out the best of your vehicle.

Our sportive driver trainings on european race tracks provide adventure for race drivers and beginners – under safe conditions.

You will be coached by real racing professionals who will at your side with words and deeds. Assigned into teams as GT und GTS, with limited starting positions and high tech data recording systems, you have the chance to drive your personal record and find your ideal track line.

Participate in your own sports car or book or book a Porsche 991 GT3  model from our car pool.

Possible race tracks (depending on date and availability):
Imola, Mugello, Paul Ricard, Red Bull Ring, Zandvoort, Barcelona, …

Vehicle types
GT = newcomer with sports car, acc. to German traffic regulations
GTS = sports car, according to German traffic regulations

Max. 20 starting positions GT
Max. 30 starting positions GTS
Max. 98 dB phon

  • Catering
  • Coaching Option
  • one-day

sample program:

08:30 am

Drivers Briefing
Racing professionals provide first advices to race track, car handling and the ideal track line (obligatory)

09:00 am to 12:30 pm
free training/instructor training assigned into teams by classification

12:30 pm
break and motor recreation

01:00 to 5:00 pm
free training, assigned into teams by classification
The driving time/driver is at least 180 minutes, split into vehicle classes and rounds.

services included:

When participating in your own sports car:

  • proportional hire charge for tracks and facilities
  • technical organization and support
  • video monitoring, ambulance
  • snacks & drinks
  • marshals und ambulance
  • on site helmet services on request
  • photo service

  • 1 day event

    in your own sports car

    from 1,095.- Euro/person

  • Option Coaching Package

    Assistance by racing coach, four drivers/coach
    incl. data recording system, radio services

    from 495.- Euro/person

  • Fellow passengers

    classic (copilot) from 145,- Euro/person

    2nd driver, changing with you from 275,- Euro/person

  • Porsche Option

    rental car

    from 550,- Euro/person

Our trainings dates for individuals and groups:

  • 03./04.06.2021 Monza
  • 14.06.2021 SPA Francorchamps BE
  • 15.06.2021 SPA Francorchamps BE
  • 12./13.07.2021 Red Bull Ring
  • 14./15.07.2021 Red Bull Ring
  • 07.09.2021 Salzburgring
  • 14./15.09.2021 Valencia
  • 22.09.2021 SPA Francorchamps BE
  • 11./12.10.2021 Paul Ricard

Further dates on request.

Category: Driver Training
Type: Super Sports Car
Brand: several
Location: European racetracks

Program and offer are subject to change. General terms and conditions of drive in motion are valid.

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