drive in motion sightseeing flights with Antonov AN-2
drive in motion Zeppelin NT sightseeing flight over Lake Constance
drive in motion Zeppelin NT at Hangar at Lake Constance
drive in motion Helicopter Shuttle
drive in motion Helicopter sightseeing flight
drive in motion Helicopter sightseeing flight cockpit
drive in motion Helicopter sightseeing flight
drive in motion Antonov Rundflug
drive in motion sightseeing flight with Antonov AN-2 Cockpit

Duration:20 to 45 min., depending on selected option

Languages:German, English

Cars, Zeppelins and Helicopters

Round off your automotive event with a trip into the third dimension!
Combine our Black Forest driving experience or Black Forest e-drive Experience with an unforgettable helicopter flight over the Black Forest or enjoy an airship ride in a Zeppelin NT over striking buildings of industrial history, the blue Lake Constance and the green surrounding.

Perfect our Munich driving experience, Munich e-drive Experience or Munich-Alps Experience with a sightseeing flight on the legendary biplane Antonov AN-2 over Neuschwanstein Castle and Füssen.


Zeppelin NT, Antonov AN-2, Airbus Helicopter H125, …


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The Zeppelin NT

The Zeppelin NT defines a new dimension in gentle and exclusive flight tourism. With about 1,100 kg, it is a lightweight with maximum stability. The support structure consists of 12 segments with triangular carbon fibre frames and three longitudinal beams made of aluminium framework, which are additionally braced with aramid ropes to increase stiffness. All main components are attached to this rigid structure, such as the cabin, the empennage and the propulsion units. Depending on the configuration twelve or fourteen passengers can be seated in the comfortable passenger gondola.

The Antonov AN-2

The Antonov AN-2 “Tante Anna”, built in 1958, has a span of 18.18 m and a length of 12.74 m. The 9 cylinder radial engine “Ash-62IR” has 1.000 HP and 30 liters of displacement. The cockpit is equipped with original Russian instruments. Maximum 10 persons find place on board. The biplane, built about 18,500 times since 1947, is considered one of the safest aircraft in the world.

The Airbus Helicopter H125 / Eurocopter AS350

The H125 Écureuil (French for squirrel; formerly AS350), manufactured by Airbus Helicopters, is a light, single-engine, multi-purpose helicopter. It was Aérospatiale’s first helicopter type to be produced on an assembly line. It also introduced the so-called “Starflex” rotor head, a system in which the number of moving parts was a quarter of the usual design, extending maintenance intervals and significantly reducing production costs.

Other machines up to a 2-engine VIP helicopter are also available on request.


Fly relaxed to your one-day shopping experience in the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. Our helicopter shuttle service is available from Munich and Frankfurt.

Also bookable as part of our multi-day VIP shopping packages!

Pictures: drive in motion, Achim Mende (Zeppelin NT), Classic Wings Bavaria (Antonov AN-2)

Flight option

20 min. helicopter flight over the Black Forest, 45 min. round flight in a zeppelin over the Bodensee, 45 min. sightseeing flight in the Antonov AN-2 over Neuschwanstein / Füssen

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