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Experience the ultimate driving experience on our guided sports car tours through Portugal! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and discover the fascinating combination of culture and adrenaline. Start your trip in the vibrant capital of Lisbon, where you can explore the historic streets and charming alleys before getting into your dream sports car.

Follow our experienced tour guides along the picturesque coastal roads of the Algarve. Enjoy the thrill of driving on winding roads while being accompanied by breathtaking views of the azure sea and golden beaches. The Algarve offers a variety of scenic highlights, from the imposing cliffs of Sagres to the hidden coves of Lagos.

Our sports car tours offer not only exciting driving moments, but also the opportunity to experience local culture and gastronomy. Discover charming villages, visit historical sites and taste delicious Portuguese cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste fresh fish and seafood accompanied by a glass of the famous Portuguese wine.

Whether you are an avid sports car fan or just love adventure, our guided sports car tours of Portugal will delight you. Experience the luxury of sitting behind the wheel of your dream sports car and exploring the unforgettable roads from Lisbon to the Algarve.

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