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The dim 2016 retrospect

In January 2016 dim was authorized to organize the annual opening event of Aurelis Real Estate for the 2nd time.

In February dim was leading the press tour „Black Forest e-drive experience“ and became the leading story and cover image of the Convention International magazine, released in 2016 to the trade fair IMEX at Frankfurt.

For the new client TechData a „Black Forest e-drive Experience” and „Speed up – Mosel / Nürburgring driving Experience“ was planned and organized.

For Hitachi a Porsche Pallatinate day trip was organized.

The Berlin location could record first events for American clients and Vodafone, shortly after the opening its new office at the Kurfüstendamm.

A Tesla day trip with 12 Tesla vehicles, including the new Model X, was organized for the Daimler AG.

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