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Boxberg Driver Training

Perfection or fun training in your own sports car or in a booked Porsche mix

Our Boxberg driver training is a training program suitable for all sports car drivers who want to perfect their driving skills without forgetting the pleasure. Experience with us 8 hours of sporty driving safety training in the near-highway speed range.

Participation with your own sports car or in the provided Porsche mix. (Porsche 718 GT4, Porsche 992, Porsche GT3, Toyota Yaris GR Rally Car).

from 945 €

price per person

Program example for a Boxberg driver training

about 8 hours

Boxberg Perfection Training

Until 08:30 h Individual arrival, breakfast, program presentation, group allocation

Perfection training: First briefing on the vehicle Braking program in different speed ranges, cornering technique, tail break training

12:45 h Drivers Lunch

Ideal line training on the handling course, high-speed oval, sporty final: Fight of Champions.

16:30 h Final with all groups, farewell, individual departure.


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Training contents

  • 2x braking exercises from -120 km/h (wet & dry)
  • 1x rides on the handling course as ideal line training
  • Guided drives in the high-speed oval
  • 1x rear breakout and drift exercises
  • 2x sporty steering & cornering technique

Possible dates:

  • 20.04.2024
  • 21.04.2024
  • 04.05.2024
  • 05.05.2024
  • 15.06.2024
  • 16.06.2024
  • 20.07.2024
  • 21.07.2024
  • 28.09.2024
  • 29.09.2024
  • 19.10.2024
  • 20.10.2024
  • Participation in own sports car or provided sports car (Porsche mix) according to tender, double crewed and in rolling system.
  • Sportscar Single Option with double training time
  • Porsche GT3 option possible!
  • Transport costs for the provided sports car
  • Proportional track rental incl. track marshals, paramedics
  • Licensed DSMB instructors
  • Participation according to StVZO

Optional (for an additional charge):

  • Rental vehicle
  • Single driver option

All services that are not part of the order confirmation.

Accompanying person or additional driver, incl. day catering possible for an additional charge
(as an additional driver, your accompanying person only has to fulfill our conditions of participation and be registered under additional driver).

  • Our GTC and those of the route operators apply
  • The deductible in case of damage is €10.000,00
  • A disclaimer including data protection declaration and photo and film permission must be signed on site
  • The training is not intended to achieve maximum speeds
  • Accompanying persons are possible for an additional charge
  • Children are unfortunately not allowed on the test site. Adolescents from 16 years of age after consultation and approval by the track operator.

Please bring along

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Driving license and identity card
  • We will send a detailed briefing for the event approx. 1 week before the respective event date.


  • driving licence is compulsory
  • minimum age 25 years
  • Our general terms and conditions, data protection regulations and photo and film permits apply
  • Participation according to StVZO
  • Max. 6 vehicles per group / coaching included
  • Wearing a helmet is not required, but recommended
  • Accompanying persons possible for an additional charge
  • Children under 16 years on the track only after consultation
  • Max. 103 dB Phon allowed (if participating with own sports car)
  • €10.000,00 deductible in case of damage or loss
  • Conclusion of a Track day insurance against surcharge possible
Subject to change without notice. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.

    Boxberg Porsche sports car driver training – in your own sports car or our Porsche fleet!

    At our Boxberg driver training you will experience a full-day sports car driving training with approx. 150 training kilometers, which is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced and drift professionals, without missing out on the fun!

    Boxberg driver training as a group?

    For group bookings, please contact us.

    We will be happy to prepare a suitable offer for you!

    Boxberg driving training – unique high-speed oval

    You drive at speeds of up to 160 km/h through a curve on the Boxberg racetrack that is approx. 38 degrees steep. The handling course also resembles a small race track. Here you will experience the limits of driving physics. Find the right braking and steering points as well as how to use the accelerator and brakes.

    Our Boxberg driving training is not aimed at achieving top speeds and we do not race. Nevertheless, we approach the limits in the individual sections without exceeding them. This is the only way to steer a sports car safely back on track in exceptional situations!

    At the end of the day, you have also completed a driving safety training course, which improves the handling of a sports car in everyday life without missing out on the fun!

    Boxberg Driver Training –Dream now – book now – drift now!

    Our sports car pool consisting of Porsche Cayman GT4, Porsche 911 (992), Porsche GT3 (991) and the Yaris GR Rally Car allows you to improve your car control.

    Our trained racing instructors with a DMSB license will give you tips and provide professional coaching in small groups with a maximum of 5 vehicles per training group. In our rolling system, all groups also drive through all training stations.

    You will experience braking programs, steering and cornering techniques, a total “loss of control” in the watered drift section as well as guided laps on the high-speed oval and on the handling course.

    At our event, you can expect around 7-8 varied training stations led by professional coaches from the world of racing. Your physical well-being will also be catered for as part of our day catering!