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Winter Trainings

Driver training under extreme conditions – our one-day or multi-day winter training courses on snow and ice

Porsche Winter Training Katschberg

Experience the fascination of emotionally charged Porsche Winter Trainings in Katschberg, combined with Alpine flair and mountain hut fun – 250 km from the gates of Munich.

Experience breathtaking drifts with your sports car and dance on the ice. You will be coached by experienced and winter-proof motorsport professionals. Thanks to the individual grouping, both beginners and experts will get their money’s worth!

drive in motion Wintertraining Katschberg Porsche

Winter trainings and breathtaking beauty: Ice Training Lapland

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Lapland and feel the exciting mix of comfort and adventure at our winter driver training “Ice Training Lapland”.

Our multi-day trainings offer you the unique opportunity to perfect your driving skills on snowy roads and icy surfaces while enjoying the splendor of the Nordic landscape.

drive in motion Ice Training Lappland