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Track Days

Track days - free driving on national and international race tracks

In addition to sports car driver training, drive in motion also offers special track days. There you can take part in your own sports car with over 200 hp or a Porsche sports car mix provided by us or in the new and exclusive Porsche GT3.

At the Nürburgring, Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps, we have around 100 sports cars and super sports cars for hire from all performance classes and manufacturers.

At the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring we can book all Porsche models up to the Porsche Carrera GT or GT4 racing car. In 1:1 coaching, the Porsche instructors will take you to the limits on the handling course, which was designed by none other than Hermann Tilke.

You are welcome to supplement your driving skills on the track with drift training. The dynamic area is the perfect place for this. It simulates actual dangerous situations with the slalom area, the skid plate, the lane change section, the braking area and the low-friction handling course. You will further improve your driving stability skills on the three existing circuits. Step by step, you will become an even better driver and be optimally prepared for every situation on the track.

What is a track day?

A track day usually means a day of free driving on a race track. Of course, guided laps with an instructor are also possible. You can take part in a track day with your own sports car or with a vehicle provided by us.

What is the difference between a track day and sports car driver training?

In contrast to a driver training course, where your driving skills are honed at various training stations and with various training sessions, on a track day you can put all your skills to the test during free driving on the race track.

Track days for all performance levels

Our track days are aimed at all drivers and performance classes who want to improve their driving skills on the world’s racetracks. Owners of racing and club sport vehicles or teams who would like to complete a few quick training laps are very welcome!


You are NEW and not regularly on the racetrack.

The coach will guide you slowly onto the ideal line. You decide when you want to start driving freely.


As an advanced driver, you have already visited a few racetracks, know them and want to use your experience to get started in free driving.

The first warm-up helps you to adjust to the track conditions. Of course, you can always fall back on the coaching, tips and support of our racetrack professionals. Our camera and measurement technology will help you to analyze and improve your mistakes.


Open fire for RENNFAHRZEUGE. Do you know the European and global race tracks?

Then we invite you to take off with your racing car. Your own race car slot, lap timing and pit parking space are included.

There is always a limited number of participants and vehicles at all events. This guarantees you maximum driving fun, safety, driving time and exclusivity. Our licensed DSMB instructors will coach you step by step on how to reach your personal limit, how to cut the perfect corner and how to step on the gas at the right apex. Step by step, your riding skills will improve. We guarantee real racing…


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Our trackdays can take place on the following race tracks and at the following locations:

  • Hockenheimring
  • Porsche Experience Center
  • Nürburgring
  • Nordschleife
  • Bilster Berg
  • Lausitzring
  • Spreewaldring
  • Sachsenring
  • Oschersleben
  • Spa Francorchamps
  • Sevilla
  • Salzburgring
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Modena
  • Silverstone
  • u.v.m.

Feel free to contact us, we will realize your personal track day wishes!

Track Day Nürburgring

Experience the legendary Formula 1 circuit and take on the challenges of the Nürburgring Trackday!

Braking points, gear changes, turn-in points and apexes are just some of these tasks – suitable for newcomers and racing experts!
Real racing professionals accompany you as you learn the ideal line. If you wish, you can hone your skills using data analysis and safely enjoy the fascination of your sports car.

drive in motion Nürburgring

Track Day Hockenheimring

Our track days at the Hockenheimring are aimed at newcomers as well as experts and racers.

At the side of real racing professionals, you will experience the ideal line, sharpen your skills with data analysis if you wish and enjoy the fascination of your sports car. Experience passion & perfection, fun & safety in an environment with style and ambience. You can take part with your own sports car or with a Porsche provided by us.

drive in motion Hockenheimring

Track Day Bilster Berg

Even though the Bilster Berg is not a racetrack in the classic sense, but more of a test and presentation track, various track records have nevertheless been set and documented here. The track is 4.2 km long, has 19 bends and a 26% gradient.

You are welcome to put your driving skills to the test during one of our training sessions on Bilster Berg. Speed and driving fun are always guaranteed on our trackdays!

Step by step, lap by lap, we will take you to your personal limits. At the end of our Bilster Berg Trackdays, free driving is on the program.


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Track Days on European racetracks

We also offer motorsport trips in Europe. You have the opportunity to travel from racetrack to racetrack in Europe in your own sports car to take part in our events. We are also happy to organize vehicle transport for you in a closed van.

In Modena/Italy we offer special driver training in Lamborghini Super Trofeo and Ferrari Challenge racing cars. You also have the opportunity to bring your own sports or super sports car and drive a few laps! An evening at the Ferrari Museum or in Bologna/Parma rounds off the perfect motorsport day. The track has recently been used again by Ferrari and Lamborghini for test drives.

If you are interested in acquiring your racing license, please contact us. We will be happy to organize the appropriate course for you!

We offer our track days for groups, as an incentive, as a team event, for car dealerships, private individuals and every motorsport enthusiast!

Dream now – book now – race now!


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Track Day Autodromo di Modena

Experience our Autodromo di Modena track day with a Ferrari Challenge or Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo racing car or enjoy an optional drive in your own sports car on the racetrack.

The track experience is rounded off with an exclusive guided tour of Parma or Bologna and a tour of the Ferrari Museum or Ferrari factory, and can be extended with optional services on request.

drive in motion Italien Fahrertraining Autodromo di Modena Ferrari

Track day Autódromo do Algarve

Experience our track day at the Autódromo do Algarve with a Porsche or Mercedes-AMG racing car – or enjoy an optional drive on the racetrack in your own sports car.

The Autódromo do Algarve, located in Portimão, Portugal, is a premier racing circuit renowned for its thrilling twists and turns. With its undulating layout and challenging corners, the track provides a demanding yet exhilarating experience for drivers.

drive in motion Portugal Autodromo do Algarve

Track Day Salzburgring

The 4.2 km asphalt track at the Salzburgring Trackday is fast and tough. Together with your coach, even newcomers will quickly become familiar with the braking and turning points. Experts also enjoy the Alpine idyll during free driving.

drive in motion Hockenheimring