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Driver training on the Boxberg

Boxberg perfection or fun training in your own sports car

from 795,00incl. VAT

Our training at the Boxberg is suitable for all sports car pilots who desire to bringt their driving skills to perfection without dropping driving fun.

The big area of 10 square kilometers at the Boxberg invites us to experience the advantages of sportive  driving: driving dynamic areas, watered special tracks,  the 3 km highspeed oval and the recently installed handling course.

We have the ability to train and fascinate both – newcomer and experts – by variable excercise  programs.

Experience 6 hours of sportive driver safety training in highway-like speed.

Time to move!

All street-legal vehicle brands are allowed.

Porsche Option:
Subject to availability a Porsche Cayman S, Porsche 991 II, Porsche 991 GT3 will be provided.

Porsche 911 Classic Option:
Subject to availability a Porsche 911G Youngtimer without  traction control and ABS will be provided.

  • Catering
  • one-day
  • Planning and tour guide

sample program:

08:30 am
Arrival, breakfast, program presentation, group assignment

Perfection Training:
First car instructions, braking practice in different speed ranges, cornering technique, rear end power-slide

Fun Training:
Practice with the best! Drift training on wet asphalt in different speed ranges, cornering techniques on asphalt.

12:45 pm
Drivers Lunch

Perfection Training:
Ideal racing line, high speed oval, sportive finale: Fight of Champions.

Fun Training:
Practice the ideal racing line, Indy 500 Feeling on the oval track, circle track, final drift competition

4:30 pm
Finale with all groups, good-bye, individual departure

services included:

  • support by a professional instructor,, 6-8 Fahrer je Instruktor, 6 - 8 drivers per instructor
  • two-way radio service, pylones and measuring system
  • proportional hire charge for tracks and facilities
  • video monitoring, ambulance
  • catering & photo service on track
  • insurance & licences
  • one-day catering for participant (extra charge for companion)
  • 1 day event

    in your own sports car

    from 795,- Euro/person

  • Extra charge Porsche option

    rental car

    from 550,- Euro/person

  • Extra charge Porsche 911 Classic option

    rental car

    from 550,- Euro/person


All models subject to availability, employed by two drivers,
fully comprehensive insurance (deductible 5,000 Euro)

on request

Category:Driver Training
Type:Super Sports Car

Program and offer are subject to change. General terms and conditions of drive in motion are valid.

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