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drive in motion

drive in motion

Sports Car Tours and Driver Trainings

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Sports Car Events – worldwide: drive in motion
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dim is relocating part of its sports car fleet to the Côte d’Azur from April to the end of May 2024!

Due to the high demand for sports car tours and incentives, dim has decided to relocate part of its fleet to Nice. From April to the end of May 2024, interested parties can book guided sports car tours on the Côte d’Azur!

The Grande Corniche tour from Nice via Menton to Monaco or from Nice via the hinterland to Saint-Tropez to a beach club are on offer.

The fleet consists of various Porsche and BMW M models.
Other vehicle brands on request!


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Sports Car Tours

Sports car tours on hand-picked routes for your perfect road trip!

The routes you explore on our sports car tours are hand-picked and tested by us, so you can be sure to experience the most beautiful roads, landscapes, mountain ranges, national parks and experiences on your trip with us.

Germany | France | Italy | Portugal | Spain | worldwide…

We always have the right sports car tour for you!

Driver Trainings

Our driver training courses and track days are suitable for all sports car drivers who want to improve or perfect their driving skills — without neglecting the fun. You can take part in your own car with at least 200 hp or in one of our sports car models.

Under the guidance of professional motorsport instructors, you can test your driving limits on any track, handling course, dynamic surface, test track or high-speed oval — or prove your skills during free driving on the racetrack!

Boxberg | Hockenheimring | PEC Hockenheim | Modena | Nürburgring | Salzburgring | …

We always have the right driver training for you!

Classic Car Tours

First-class classic car tours, driving fun and regional insider tips included!

Enjoy our one-day or multi-day classic car tours and drive with us on a joint tour through different regions. Experience the charm of relaxed classic car travel on selected routes and have lots of driving fun in and with our historic cars from different eras of automotive history.

Germany | France | Italy | Portugal | worldwide …

Book your individual classic car tour and enjoy an extraordinary holiday full of regional insider tips!

Winter Trainings

Experience the fascination of an emotionally charged Porsche winter training course in Katschberg or in Lapland, Our multi-day training courses offer you the unique opportunity to perfect your driving skills on snow-covered roads and icy surfaces while enjoying the splendour of the Nordic landscape or Alpine flair and mountain hut fun.

Katschberg | Lapland | …

Due to the individual group division, beginners as well as experts will get their money’s worth! You will be coached by experienced and winter proof motor sports professionals.

Experience the fascination of an emotionally charged winter training session!

For more than 10 years, drive in motion (dim) stands for unique automotive events in Germany, Europe and on all continents.

Experience unique moments with dim.

Our specialists design unforgettable driving experiences in close consultation with you. This allows you to offer your national and international customers individually tailored automotive experiences. Trips in selected luxury sports cars, in breathtaking landscapes, adventurous terrain or on national and international racetracks are an ideal incentive for your customers and partners.

We combine our wide range of sports car tours and driver training with luxurious charm and qualitative demands “made in Germany”. Inviting dream roads, which the travel destination Germany offers its guests, included.

We would also be happy to realize unforgettable moments in the fast lane for you and your team.

drive in motion Daniel Fahr in front of Brenners Baden-Baden
drive in motion - Daniel Fahr am PEC Hockenheim

Driving experiences with the 911 GT3 RS

From now on you can book the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS at our driving experiences at the PEC at the Hockenheimring!

Experience the new 911 GT3 RS in top form at the Hockenheimring.
The booking is depending on the selected program!

Image source(s): Bastian Kempf, Christian Witt, drive in motion, ESC, PEC, Pixabay

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