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Sports Car Tour Lisbon – Algarve

Luxury, speed and spectacular coastal roads

Our guided sports car tour Lisbon – Algarve offers you the unique opportunity to explore this region in a dream sports car. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury, adrenaline and unforgettable landscapes.

Start your adventure in Lisbon in one of our high-quality vehicles and let our experienced guides take you on an unforgettable journey.

The Algarve is known for its spectacular coastal roads that stretch along impressive cliffs and endless beaches. As you master the twists and turns of these scenic roads, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the azure blue sea and golden sandy beaches. Feel the thrill of pressing down on the gas pedal and making full use of your sports car’s power.

Our experienced guides will not only show you the most beautiful roads in the Algarve, but will also share insider tips and introduce you to the history and stories of this fascinating region. They will ensure that your Lisbon – Algarve sports car tour is smooth and memorable, and will always be on hand to answer your questions and meet your needs.

At the Autodromo do Algarve, you will train your driving skills under expert guidance and get to know the racetrack.

from 7.999 €

price per person

Sports Car Tour Lisbon/Algarve – Program example

Arrival to Lisbon and shuttle to Cascais

Until 08:00 Arrival to Frankfurt Airport.

09:00 Departure to Lisbon

12:00 Arrival in Lisbon and transfer to Lisbon

13:00 Lunch in a rooftop restaurant with a view over Lisbon
Time at leisure

15:30 Bus shuttle to Hotel Albatroz in Cascais or a 4-5 star hotel in Lisbon
Optional: Yacht tour

17:00 Arrival at Hotel Albatroz ***** in Cascais
Welcome drink, check-in, relax & refresh, time at leisure

20:00 Dinner at the hotel with presentation of the tour

22:30 Evening at the bar


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drive in motion Portugal Lissabon

Sports car tour Cascais – Vila Lara

Until 08:00 Joint breakfast & check-out hotel.
Safety briefing and introduction to the sports cars

08:30 Start your engines…

13:00 Lunch at the restaurant Porto de Barcas

14:30 Continuation of the journey

17:00 Arrival at the Hotel Vila Lara
Welcome drink at the fireplace overlooking the sea
Luggage will be distributed to the rooms in the meantime!

20:00 Dinner at the hotel on the terrace

22:00 Evening at the hotel bar

Sports car tour to Autodromo do Algarve

09:30 Briefing / theory in own paddock at the racetrack.

Introduction of the staff and short presentation of the program, the theoretical and technical aspects, as well as details about the tasks and the vehicles. Theoretical introduction to the relevant characteristics of the racetrack and how to deal with them.
Location: briefing room

Exercise 1 “Dynamic control”
The goal is to complete the track without touching the traffic cones. The track will have low grip in places, simulating real situations under extreme conditions.
This exercise allows the trainee to develop reflexes, improve his agility, as well as his control of the car. After a first familiarization round, the second one will take place under timed conditions.
Location: Paddock 1 (runway with traffic cones)

Exercise 2 “Skid control”
Here you can test and demonstrate your ability to control the car. The goal is to control the skidding after you get into a skidding zone with the car.
Location: Drift Pad

Exercise 3 “the moose test”
This test is designed to show how a vehicle reacts when suddenly avoiding an obstacle (for example, a moose crossing the road all at once, hence the name). This exercise is great for learning to keep control of the car in emergency situations on the road. There will be two laps at different speeds.
Location: Drift Pad

13:00 – 14:00
Exercise 4 “Introduction Race Track”
Your first approach to the racetrack to give you an idea of the ideal line. During the first lap, you will ride as a co-driver with one of our instructors. Then you will drive for 6 laps at moderate speed, and always under the guidance of the instructor.
Location: racetrack (FIA setting)

14:00 – 15:00 Lunch and coffee break in the Pit Lounge (buffet)

15:00 Return journey towards Lisbon

18:30 Arrival at Hotel Sublime Comporta*****
Check-in hotel / Relax & Refresh

20:30 Bus transfer to Sublime Comporta Beach Club

20:45 Dinner at the Beach Club of the hotel

22:45 Bus transfer to the hotel

23:00 Evening at the hotel bar


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drive in motion Portugal Autodromo do Algarve
drive in motion Portugal Autodromo do Algarve
drive in motion Portugal Autodromo do Algarve

Return trip to Lisbon

08:30 Breakfast & check-out
Drive back to Lisbon

10:00 Return of the vehicles to a parking lot under the red bridge

10:30 Shuttle to Lisbon to the Mercado da Ribeira

14:00 Drive from Mercado do Ribeira to Lisbon Airport

14:30 Check-in

15:50 Return flight to Frankfurt am Main with Lufthansa

20:00 Arrival in Frankfurt am Main

20:30 Farewell and end of the event

  • Arranged flight to Lisbon and back in Economy Class
  • All bus transfers, shuttles, cab rides within the program
  • Single room/FR in the Hotel Albatroz Cascais – or comparable 4 or 5-star hotel
  • Tasting menu with wine tour at the Hotel Albatroz
  • Sports car as per list (subject to change!)
  • incl. 700 free kilometers in 2 rental days
  • Roadmap, walkie-talkies
  • Lunch incl. soft drinks during the tour
  • Single room/FR in Hotel Villa Lara – or comparable 4 or 5-star hotel
  • Evening meal at the hotel or beach club on the beach
  • 5-hour track day at the Autodromo do Algarve, incl. coffee break and lunch incl. non-alcoholic drinks in the exclusive pit lounge directly at the racetrack
  • Single room/FR in the Hotel Sublime Comporta – or comparable 4 or 5-star hotel
  • Dinner at the hotel or beach club
  • Lunch on the day of departure at the Mercado da Ribeiro or in a rooftop restaurant in Lisbon
    Shuttle to the airport
  • Agency service incl. idea, concept, Implementation on site, vehicle handling, follow-up
  • Photos and videos of the event as a download link after the event
  • All services that are not part of the order confirmation
  • Drinks at dinner and other occasions unless otherwise specified
  • Minibar, wellness treatments, etc.

A disclaimer including data protection declaration and photo and film permission must be signed on site

Subject to change without notice. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.

    Our sports car tours offer much more than just exciting driving moments. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Algarve as you discover charming villages, historic sites and local attractions. Visit traditional markets and sample delicious regional cuisine known for its fresh seafood and delicate wines.

    Whether you are an experienced sports car driver or a novice, our tours are accessible to all participants. Before the tour begins, you will receive a detailed sports car briefing to ensure your safety and comfort. Our fleet includes a selection of premium vehicles that embody performance, elegance and style.

    Book your guided sports car tour along the Algarve now for the ultimate driving experience. Make your Portugal stay unforgettable and secure your spot on one of our guided sports car tours.

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